[ak-ruh-teer-ee-uh n]

'The Highest Ornament' ~ The word 'acroterion' is an ancient architectural term originally used by the Greeks, and adopted by the Romans as 'acroterium', which literally is the plinth and ornament on the apex or ends of a pediment, from the Greek akrōtḗrion (ἀκρωτήριον) meaning ‘summit', or 'extremity’.


Acroterion, founded in late 2012, is a ‘by appointment’ design gallery in the historic Hudson Valley of upstate New York specializing in exceptional fine and decorative art from eastern to western, ancient to current; with a focus on the unique and timeless.


The gallery offers an ever-changing discriminately curated inventory chosen by the founder and owner Randal Dawkins. Having a passion for fine objects and design from an early age; Mr. Dawkins graduated in 2004 from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, with a Master’s Degree in Fine & Decorative Art.