[ak-ruh-teer-ee-uh n]

'The Highest Ornament' ~ 'Acroterion' is an ancient Greek architectural term defined as the ornament on the apex or ends of a pediment, from the Greek akrōtḗrion (ἀκρωτήριον) meaning ‘summit', or 'extremity’.

A C R O T E R I O N is proud to offer the exceptional in fine and decorative art from eastern to western, ancient to current, with a focus on the uncommon.

A C R O T E R I O N is proud purveyor to select homes and collections assisting distinguished interior-designers, architects, private individuals, and foundations.


Randal Dawkins is the founder, curator, and sole-proprietor, with a Master’s Degree in Fine & Decorative Art received in 2004 from Sotheby’s Institute of Art London, culminating lifelong studies of fine objects and design from early age.